About the company

Reaalprojekt is a company that offers a full range of services for infrastructure design. We offer all of the necessary services, from surveys to completed projects. We also conduct expert assessments, construction supervision and project management. Reaalprojekt is one of the four key players in its field in Estonia.

Our objective is to help improve the quality of roads and improve traffic safety. With our dedicated work, we contribute to the development of Estonia and improving the physical and social environment.

The Reaalprojekt Group includes three subsidiaries –  OÜ G.E.O. Grupp in Estonia, SIA Latvijasmernieks.lv in Latvia and Realprojektas in Lithuania. Fourth subsidiary Silmsirkel Ltd merged with Reaalprojekt in 2014. The group employs 150 specialists in total.

Our headquarters are located in Tallinn and our secondary department is in Viljandi. We have a total of 17 offices in Latvia.

We offer all of our services in Estonia and Latvia. We also export our services to Sweden and Finland via partners.

Public sector orders comprise more than 50% of our total volume of orders. Our biggest customer is the Estonian Road Administration, whose orders comprise more than 40% of our turnover. We are also engaged in successful cooperation with numerous local governments. We cooperate with nearly all of the major infrastructure building and consultation companies in the private sector.

Reaalprojekt belongs to the Estonian Environmental Engineering Group, which was founded on the basis of six companies in 2011. The members of the group are Reaalprojekt OÜ, Hendrikson & Ko OÜ, Lidar Mapping OÜ, Stratum OÜ, Järelpinge Inseneribüroo OÜ and IPT Projektijuhtimise OÜ.

Reaalprojekt is a member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Estonian Asphalt Pavement Association, the Estonian Road Cluster and the Digital Construction Cluster.

The Estonian Road Administration recognised the high quality of our work with the ‘Best Designer’ award in 2004, 2008 and 2009. Also we have been declared as the most competitive architecture and project design enterprise of the year 2014 based on Competitiveness Ranking contest which is carried out under the leadership of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Estonian Employers’ Confederation.