Hydraulic engineering

Peeter Napp
Head of hydrotechnical engineering / (+372) 556 09245/ peeter@reaalprojekt.ee

We offer hydraulic and environmental engineering service which includes design of special structures which faces with water and soil. We have competence in design of following hydraulic and environmental structures and facilities:

By designing of hydraulic structures, it may be necessary to carry out hydrotechnical investigation in addition to usual survey (topographic survey and geotechnical investigation). Hydrotechnical investigation includes measuring of bottom elevations of the waterbody, thickness of sediment layer, measuring and evaluating existing underwater structures. We can be of help by finding out the necessary extent of investigation works.

In order to prepare a price proposal, it is important to define as precisely as possible the purpose of the design work, which enables to evaluate the extent of necessary investigation works and propose appropriate design stage. In case of larger facilities or large scale works, it is recommended to apply design by stages (conceptual design, preliminary design, basic design, detail design). We can be of help by finding out suitable solutions.

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