Emajõgi River/Võhandu River drainage area water economy project – water supply and sewerage design work, Laeva, Rahinge and Äksi

Customer: EA Reng AS

Date: 06/2010 — 08/2010
Project volume: Rahinge: water supply pipeline 3.16 km; pressure sewerage 1.75 km; household sewerage 2.14 km; 3 wastewater pumping stations Laeva: water supply pipeline 3.51 km; pressure sewerage 0.25 km; household sewerage 3.12 km; 1 wastewater pumping station Äksi: water supply pipeline 4.12 km; pressure sewerage 0.79 km; household sewerage 3.44 km; 2 wastewater pumping stations

Emajõgi River sub-project (Laeva, Tähtvere and Tartu municipalities); water supply and sewerage civil engineering works preparatory design work for design and construction work of stage III, including geodetic operations