Designing streets and roads

Taavi Sadam
Head of the Design Department / (+372) 511 0864/

ProjekteerimineReaalprojekt has many years’ experience in preparing projects for streets, roads and squares. Our customers have recognised us as technologically proficient design consultants for pavement construction and in determining the choice of repair technology.

To prepare an outstanding project, we first identify the wishes and needs of the customer.

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In order to prepare a price proposal for a project, we need to know:

If you wish to order a project and send us the existing source data, we will be able to work with you to determine the need for and scope of additional surveys and preparatory work. We will likewise specify the parameters of the civil engineering works designed.

We also resolve any issues related to the water regime and utility lines in the course of preparing road projects.

Our objective is to prepare a design solution that is efficient and meets the needs of the customer, but which is robust and resilient at the same time.

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