3D Surveys

The fast development of BIM technology has  increased the need for accurate 3D measurements. Traditional surveying methods are not suitable for it.

We offer various contemporary survey methods from ground, air and underwater which enables to get quick and comprehensive 3D information about survey objects:

For getting the best results, it is often necessary to combine all those methods.

Laser Scanning  is surveying technology which enables to conduct very quickly large amount accurate 3D information about objects and surrounding environment. Laser Scanning is perfectly suitable for surveying buildings and structures, industrial objects, mines, cultural monuments etc.  Outcome of measurements will be give out in the form of point cloud model, CAD model, drawings etc. according to client wishes.
We use laser scanner  Leica ScanStation P20 and various software packages as Leica Cyclone, 3D Reshaper, Autodesk Revit, Civil 3D etc. in our work.

Underwater construction inspections we offer in cooperation with Finnish company VRT Finland. VRT is the market leader for underwater sonar inspections and currently operates in Scandinavia, Central-Europe, the Mediterranean, Australia, Russia and continuously expands. Main objects are ports, bridges, industrial objects, underwater pipelines.
The work will result in a written report with drawings, 3D models and other illustrative materials.  The customer will receive potential danger spot assessment and recommendations for future activities.

Aerial surveys from drones enables to survey large areas quickly and with low costs. We use high-performance multirotor complex. The work will result in orthophotos and digital terrain models. Method is perfectly suitable for objects where is necessary to determine volume and to monitor changes in volumes (strip mines, materials stored in heaps etc.). Also for producing high resolution orthophotos and for surveying buildings etc.

We offer aerial surveys in cooperation with our subsidiary SIA Latvijasmernieks.lv.