Aerial surveys using drones

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), commonly known as a drone are being used in a various purposes including geodetical surveys.

Adantages of using drones comparing to traditional aerial vehicles are:

–          Low cost of the works;

–          Opportunity to survey small objects;

–          Low altitude, opportunity to fly below the clouds;

–          Higher accuracy, higher resolution.

Areas using the UAV technology :

–          Mapping;

–          Urban Planning;

–          Mining;

–          Agriculture and Forestry;

–          Energy Efficiency;

–          Environmental Studies;

–          Emergencies;

–          etc.

In cooperation with Reaalprojekt’s subsidiary SIA we offer aerial survey by using multicopter (UAV).

Tehcnical specification of UAV:Multicopter_RP-1

–          Max lifting capacity up to 25 kg;

–          8 rotors;

–          Flying time with photocamera up to 50 min;

–          Max flying distance from control board up to 3km.

PDF presentation of UAV: Multifunctional Unmanned Flying System_Reaalprojekt-1

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