As-built surveying of the load-bearing structures of the roof of Helsinki city centre library using a laser scanner

Customer: Timbeco Woodhouse OÜ
Year: 2017

The purpose of the scanning work was to check for deviations of the load-bearing structures of the library roof from the project.

A Leica ScanStation P20 laser scanner was used to survey the load-bearing structures of the Helsinki city centre library’s roof, which has an unusual shape, as it was being built. The point cloud obtained was aligned with the project model and the differences between the project and the actual construction were identified. Management of specific deviations was necessary for the very precise design of the roof and the facade’s wooden elements to be attached to the structure. More information about this complex site is available here.

The greatest benefit of 3D surveying was in the design of the roof elements and the western façade. The point cloud allowed us to produce and install precise elements, making subsequent construction smoother.

Tõnis Vaiksaar