Roads, streets and squares

The movement of people and goods is vital in today’s world. To do this, an efficient, safe and environmentally friendly traffic environment must be ensured.

Reaalprojekt has extensive experience designing roads, streets and squares. We are seen by our clients as technologically solid engineering consultants in pavement construction and choosing repair technology. Our goal is to prepare high-quality, safe and environmentally friendly design projects. The area is handled by our level 7 and level 8 certified road engineers.

We design:  

  • roads, streets, pedestrian and cycle paths, highways
  • car parks
  • plazas and squares
  • parks and sports facilities (stadiums)
  • railways and tramways
  • traffic junctions
  • airports

We prepare site plans, vertical plans, longitudinal profiles, cross profiles, 3D, BIM (Building Information Modelling) plans, pavement reports, explanatory notes and volume tables.

We also perform analyses necessary for road design, including:

  • financial and cost-benefit analyses
  • expert analysis, road safety audits
  • pavement calculations
  • traffic studies
  • designer’s supervision