Water and sewerage systems

We need clean water every day – for drinking, washing, watering, industrial use, etc. The availability of clean water is ensured by functioning water pipelines. Water supply pipes feed clean water to households and polluted water is returned to nature via treatment plants.

Making clean water available to all

Making clean water and well-functioning sewerage systems available to everyone requires high-quality and correctly designed piping and equipment. Reaalprojekt’s everyday work involves designing water supply and sewerage systems to meet the needs of clients and consumers. In order to put together a good project, we follow the valid norms and standards. Our team has extensive experience in this area. Project preparation takes place in close cooperation with the client, cooperation partners and other specialists in the respective fields.

New solutions

We train our employees to keep up with constantly evolving technology and products. In our work, we use high-quality software and create 3D solutions for external networks on which BIM models can be based.

Solutions we work on every day:

  • external water supply
  • sewerage pipelines
  • storm drain pipelines
  • pressurised sewerage pipelines
  • design of utility connection points
  • sewage and storm water pumping stations and water treatment equipment
  • absorption of rainwater
  • storage tanks, enclosures for equipment.

Contact us

Kairi Juurik
Water and Sewerage Project Manager
+372 565 03623