Water infrastructure

We offer an engineering design service for water infrastructure, including the design of various special purpose facilities related to water and soil, including environmental infrastructure. We are qualified and experienced in the design of the following hydro and environmental infrastructure:

  • ponds
  • dams and reservoirs
  • hydroelectric power plants
  • fish ladders
  • culverts and bridges
  • fish farms
  • retaining structures for banks, shores and slopes
  • remediation of bodies of water

Hydrotechnical knowledge is required

In addition to the usual investigations (topo-geodetic and geological), the design of water structures may require hydrotechnical investigations, which includes surveying the bottom of bodies of water, sediment thickness and underwater structures and assessing the condition of existing structures. We can help you identify what sorts of investigations are necessary and also conduct the investigations.

Precise price quotes

In order to prepare a price offer, it is important to set out the objective of the work as precisely as possible. The necessary volume of investigations and the design stage can then be determined on that basis. In the case of larger structures, it is recommended to apply stage-by-stage design documentation (draft, preliminary, principal stages). We can help you develop suitable solutions.

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