Electrical and communication network design

Security of electricity and communication supply is vital in this day and age. Electricity is more than lighting fixtures or a working refrigerator in our homes – it powers almost all walks of life: medicine, logistics, IT and much more.

Electricity and communications – the basis of modern society

Without electricity, there would be no computers, modern communication solutions, robots, street lighting, and many more conveniences. By adding communication solutions to electricity, we get a modern functioning society, allowing us to stream in real time, control devices remotely, call a friend, watch TV at home, and much more.

Solutions that work today and tomorrow

For Reaalprojekt, security of supply of electricity and communication networks and the possibility of expanding them is important. Without a high-quality and correctly designed solution, a good construction outcome is not possible. Our design work is in line with valid norms and standards. Our team consists of specialists who have long-term experience in their field and who are constantly improving.
Our knowledge is not limited to 2D solutions – we are also at the top of the game in 3D and BIM modelling.

We are qualified and experienced in designing the following facilities:

  • medium-voltage electrical projects (relocations, design of new solutions)
  • low-voltage electrical projects (new connections, relocations, design of new solutions)
  • street lighting (relocations, design of new solutions)
  • communication projects (new connections, relocations, design of new solutions)
  • electricity supply for buildings
  • building automation