Geodetic surveys and construction geodesy

Our goal is to provide customers with needs-based source material with a sufficient level of precision and confidence margins.

Reaalprojekt has longstanding experience in the preparation of geodetic base plans and the provision of geodetic services for large-scale construction sites, which is why satisfied clients come back to us time and again.

We are qualified and certified to perform the following geodetic works:

    • Drawing up a basic survey plan with the precision and detail required for design development. The topo-geodetic basic survey plan shows the relief, the entire above-ground situation (landscaping, buildings and structures, etc.), above-ground and underground utility networks, which are coordinated with the easement owner.
    • Making the necessary measurements during construction – establishing and setting out the construction network, as-built surveying, various control measurements, volume calculations, etc. We provide geodetic works for the construction of roads, buildings, infrastructure, clearance corridors, etc.
    • Construction of a planar and altimetric field network with the precision required for measurement work.
    • Surveying existing buildings and infrastructure (bridges, buildings, overpasses, etc.) for the preparation of a renovation project, for verifying quality and stability, etc.
    • Ensuring that the planar and altimetric field network are interlinked, which is required for geological site investigations.
    • All kinds of specific work where a precise measurement result is required.

The latest technology

Reaalprojekt keeps up with rapid advances in surveying and data processing technology. We are constantly updating our battery of equipment and software systems and we train our employees. We work with our foreign partners to implement the latest technology in Estonia.

We use modern surveying devices made by Leica (GPS, electron tachymeters, levels and scanners) in our work. We use AutoCAD Civil3D and ZWCAD software with special add-ons for data processing and formatting the work.